Featuring: Feonix

Having been following Feonix since his early days, it’s safe to say that this is one artist who simply has a natural talent for producing good quality bass music. His versatility stretches from DnB and 130 bits to dark “dungeon” style dubstep and tribal drumbeat driven madness in the form of ‘Jingoism’. As one of the nicest guys we know, we thought it only right to introduce you to him.

Who is Feonix?

My name’s Jimmi, I’m from Manchester but studying and spending most of my time in Bangor, North Wales. I mainly make dark tribal 140, but if I can shift it up a bit I’ll try.

What made you want to start producing?

I’ve always been pretty into music like, I was in a few bands during school but they never really went anywhere. Then one day my mate Noztaw showed me dubstep and I was like “woooah, what the fuck? This is sick”. Started looking in to it and got a copy of FL studio and it just progressed from there.

What artists would you say influence your style?

Nowadays I’d probably say Biome, Dom Hz, Ipman, Wayfarer, Kaiju, Commodo, Lurka… too many… I’m trying to expand my mind in terms of drawing inspiration though, finding some weird Somarian vocal things haha.

When producing, is there a particular method that you use to approach a tune?

I usually just put the tempo up to 140 whenever I open up ableton now… it’s a bit of a bad habit, but it’s sort of a comfort zone really. Unless I’ve got a specific idea I’ll usually just start with a beat, giving the track a backbone before adding whatever’s needed. For my basses 90% of the time it’s just massive fucked around with, but I’m gettin soooo sick of it now.. I think I’m going to sell a few organs and buy a virus or just work with samples for a bit haha.

What software/hardware do you use?

I produce on Ableton as of a month ago… made a tune with a mate, Na-kika, and I just thought it was too sick not to get. Planning on upgrading sometime soon, as I said before, see if I can get my hands on some serious equipment, but til then I’ve just got to work with some fairly rubbish
moniters and a dying laptop.

Have you had any releases recently?

Erm, I had a tune called Burnt featured on a Phantom Hertz Low Voltage Compilation released sometime last November, and then I had a single out “Eclipse/Hunter” again on PHRec but out on March 14. Dunno though, my styles changed a little bit since then, but check them out if you’re

Have you ever delved into any other styles other than dubstep?

I do make a bit of DnB and I’ve started messing about with 130 stuff as well. I’ve been making a lot of half time lately with Na-kika and Noztaw; and that’s going sick.

Anything forthcoming or projects you’re working on that you’re excited about?

If everything’s going as planned Jurassic Step should be coming out on Dunesdubstep’s label Scarab Audio, but not too sure when at the minute. I think these new colabs are something to look forward to as well.. definitely stepping up the game, the first tune we’ve finished under the guise LSNaudio got put up on soundcloud pretty recently, so check that out.

Which producers are you feeling at the moment?

Wafyarer can literally do no wrong at the minute… first time I heard Gozu and Fall of the Zulu I had to go and have a cig and chill out.. it changed the way I looked at dubstep. Ipman as well, cannot wait for a release from him, there’s sooo many sick ones “In Atari”, the Rollin’ Dunes remix, Messenger (Editor’s note – a definite percy of my own too) – the classic. I just got a couple of new vinyl the other day as well actually, Commodo vs Lurka – Capisce?, NDread’s new Smokin Sessions one (proper enjoying Oceans Eleven) and Indigo – Neveah, beacuse it couldn’t not be done.

Have you worked with many other artists?

I’ve worked with a few; Unlogik/Teamwolf, Na-kika, Noztaw, 23KID, Thesh, and got some plans for more with Musslo and Just1 but I’ve been pretty busy being back at uni to be honest.

If you could do a colab with any other artist who would it be?

Anyone I’ve mentioned in the artists who influence my style.. but out of them all, either Wayfarer or Ipman.

Tell us a little bit about the tune that you’ve done for us

Time was just something I threw together one night over summer.. I hadn’t slept that night and been on a bit of an SP:MC hype then ended up wacthing this film “Don’t be afraid of the dark”.. there was this sample at the end of it that just made me want to make a tune, so I ended up with that. It’s got a fairly large sub on it, so watch out.

Do you have any advice for people interested in producing?

Get involved.. check out a few tutorials and start making stuff you want to hear. Just take your time with it though.. Don’t rush yourself.

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Fuck… probably Star Wars.. it’s always been there, I mean LOTR is sick, but.. Star Wars.

How do you like your brews?

2 1/2 sugars and a drop/splash of milk

Any shout outs?

Yeah Noztaw, 23kid, Thesh/Donk-zilla, Biebs, Na-kika, Unlogik, Robdog Millionare and everyone who’s been supportive of what I’ve been doing. Safe!

Big up to Feonix! Check out Time and keep in tune for new shit via his Soundcloud!

Download here


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